Louis-Philippe Demay – French Goldsmith

Louis-Philippe Demay created impressive gold boxes chased in coloured golds alone or in combination with enamel. His connection with the enamel painter, specialising in genre subjects and putti, who signed his works variously: Demay, Demailly or Maillee has been much discussed. Sponsored by Louis Lenhendrick, Demay had become master on 13 September 1758. Both were living at the time on the pont Notre-Dame where Demay continued in business at the sign of the May d’or until his death in 1772. His widow carried on with great success and her high tax liability of 50 livres in 1774 shows considerable prosperity for the time. This is perhaps not surprising considering that her husband had frequently appeared in the registers of the Presents du Roy and the Menus Plaisirs, as well as having been one of Madame du Barry’s favourite suppliers at Louveciennes.

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