Antique Gold Snuff Boxes | Values and Appraisals

Gold has been used for millenniums to construct anything of importance.  Every country incorporated gold into their finest snuff boxes.  Spain used gold almost exclusively in their snuff boxes.  Russia used gold and jewels to make their most elaborate snuff boxes.  England, Holland, and some Scandinavian jewelers used gold to create elaborate repoussé scenes.  However, the goldsmiths in France really took snuff box making to the next level.

The iconic gold snuff box of France could also make use of inlaid mother of pearl or enameled miniature panels.  The best gold snuff boxes, French or otherwise, should be marked.  Any time you can help identify the maker and time period, that will do nothing but increase the value, marketability, and collectible of the snuff box.

If you need help identifying your gold snuff box, just ask.  We are always happy to help (for free).

Antique Gold Snuff Box

Antique Gold Snuff Box

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