Jean-Marie Tiron – French Goldsmith

Jean-Marie Tiron was often called Tiron de Nanteuil to distinguish him from his elder brother Francois-Guillaume. Jean-Marie came from a family of goldsmiths in Paris. He became master in 1748 entering into partnership with his brother in the rue St-Louis at the sign of the Pomme d’or. Between 1754 and 1756 he went into business on his own in the same street at the Pomme de diamants. In 1761 he moved into the Ducrollays’ premises in the Place Dauphine, apparently taking over their business although it continued in both names for another four years. He also shared the title of bijoutier du roi with Jean Ducrollay, working for the Menus Plaisirs. He appears to have retired around 1773 and is last recorded in 1781.

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