Etienne-Lucien Blerzy – French Goldsmith

Etienne-Lucien Blerzy registered his maker’s mark in 1801/2 from 118 rue du Coq St. Honore which was taken out of service on 6 April 1808. Joseph-Etienne Blerzy entered a post-Revolutionary mark in 1798 and is recorded at the same address before 1805 and at 3 rue du Coq St. Honore in Douët in 1806. Blerzy Freres are listed in the Almanach du Commerce in 1800 and 1806. On 6 April 1808, Etienne-Lucien’s widow, Victoire Boisot, entered a mark from 3 rue Coq-Heron, altered in 1809/10 to 3 rue du Coq St. Honore. Like boxes by J.-E. Blerzy, most of Etienne-Lucien?s are numbered on the flange.

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